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Megan Mack
31 July 2005 @ 10:00 pm
I swear this isn`t a virus. It`s so funny though.

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Megan Mack
31 July 2005 @ 08:02 am
Woot, new cd. I just burned a CD.

MIX 10
1) Helena- My Chemical Romance
2) No Such Thing- John Mayer
3) Scars- Papa Roach
4) Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
5) Stars- Switchfoot
6) Sugar we`re goin` down- Fall Out Boy
7) These Words (I love you, I love you)- Natasha Bedingfield
8) You and Me- Lifehouse
9) Speed of Sound- Coldplay
10) Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson

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Megan Mack
30 July 2005 @ 09:59 am
DCI was so much fun. I was getting ready and had khaki pants and a boring blue shirt. Mom said, "What are you wearing? That`s not you!" So, I wore my Newsong baseball-T, khaki shorts, and my John Deere hat backwards, with my RED WHITE & BLUE armband. I was so punk dude. I was headbanging on the bus and all that jazz. I sat with Brynnan, Ben and Lauren on the bus. That`s always a fun experience. Then when we got there I hung out with Mallary, Allison, Lisa, Jody, Justin, and these other two guys that I forgot their names. It was fun. I really got to talk to Mallary and Allison which is cool. She also invited me to her church. Fun stuff. Dude, I think my three year old niece just said damn-it. Who knows, I might be hearing things. You have to remember her mother is my sister that always goes off the deep end on everything, so...Katie just said what I think she said.

Hey, Wednesday for any of you that are fans of the Jimmy L Band, we will perform one song on Wednesday night. I haven`t practiced it in a month. So, it should be interesting. It`ll be during the Youth service this Wednesday. Please come. Hixson United Methodist Church, 6:30. Be there!
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Megan Mack
29 July 2005 @ 07:39 am
Well, today is the DCI trip and I`m excited, because I get to go to MTSU and chill out with the band. Call me if you want to like see me before I leave. You know the number (364-6056). I`m leaving at like 4 and won`t be back until like 3 AM tomorrow. So, yeah. I might call you and let you hear our drum thing though. Heh.

Yesterday Band camp was fun. I was feeling sick the majority of the day, but I got to feeling better. For lunch Lindsay took me and Jody to Subway. And for dinner I went to Mallary`s house. It was fun. Justin and Brendan were making fun of her. Welp, BAND CAMP!
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Megan Mack
27 July 2005 @ 10:07 pm
Sorry, I couldn`t figure out how to put this under a cut.
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Megan Mack
27 July 2005 @ 09:13 pm
Woot, lets start with yesterday.

I went to band camp and it was all good. It went all freaking day, but that`s okay. It was very fun. I got home and after a serious session of yelling and cussing and all that jazz I decided to check the email. Well, the day before I asked Mallary for her email and I sent her an email while I was at the Wesley Center. She sent one back to me that said:

Hey megan!
How are you?? i hope you're hanging in there alright. this is like, the hottest week atband camp i've ever experienced~! it's so so so hot!! yea, i'm so totally there on the DCi trip and you are more than welcome to hang out with me. that'd be so much fun!! and also you can definately come eat lunch with me one day. it's usually like me, justin (snare), landon (trumpet) and a few others. i think it'd be great! and it'd give you a good chance to get to know some of the other people in band! well anyways, i've gotta be goin! this email made my day because i was totally stressing about how tonights practice went, but i am no more! well, talk toyou later! sleep great

It made me happy when I read it. It put me in a better mood as well. So, then I slept.

Today I got up and I was very very sore. I didn`t want to move. So, I got up, went to band camp. Band camp was okay. It was very very hot. Then I went to Chik-fil-a with Mallary, Justin and Brendan. I saw Alisha while I was there too. It was cool. She got to meet people. It was funny. Then we went back to good ole band camp and all was well. I think I got on people`s nerves today. Oh well, I hope I wasn`t like a certain someone who gets on everyone`s nerves though. So, then I went to church and we hung out in Jim`s office for a while. It was Trey, Alisha, Nick, Sam, Me, Philip, Karen, Amy, and Jay. It was a blast. We were talking about band and stuff. Then the young adults served us a meal. It was cool, and it didn`t taste too shabby. Then I came home and like fell over on the couch because my stomach was hurting really bad. Then mom told me to go to my room. Then she told me to take a bath or shower or something. SO...I feel better now. Snap, I need to talk to Roman Penney. AHH! I`ll call him tomorrow. Roman, if you read this...call me or text me tomorrow morning. 364-6056.
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Megan Mack
25 July 2005 @ 09:35 pm
I`m extremely bored. I`m at the Wesley Center with Sean, Erin, Laura, Mike, Katrina, and this other dude. We`re watching Laguna Beach. Plus I`m nervous about what Mallary will say about me asking her if I can hang out with her. Oh well. I think I`ll go stick my feet in the "hot tub".
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Megan Mack
24 July 2005 @ 12:16 pm
Band camp is fun. I think this week is going to suck though because there will be more people and I like it better with only Freshmen and Seniors. Gosh. There are some people I really think are cool and I want to definetly spend some time with them this year. Such as, Erica, Ashley, Mallary, Mrs Hunter, and Amanda. They`re really cool. Erica likes the same stuff as me. Ashley is a flute player and she`s funny. Mallary has this awesome energy and she`s really nice. Mrs Hunter is freaking hilareous. Amanda says I rock her world. Heh. That was because I was doing good in marching, but I think I do anyways.

Tonight the youth is going bowling. If you like to bowl and have $5, come to HUMC at 4:45 tonight. PLEASE! It will be very fun. I hope Wednesday I have enough energy to go to church. I enjoy seeing everyone at church. Last wednesday we just talked and had a blast.

Tomorrow I have Band camp from 8:00am-11:30am THEN LUNCH IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME AND EAT LUNCH WITH ME!!! 1:00pm-4:30pm. Then at 5:00 Erin gets off and is taking me to a Laguna Beach Season 2 premiere thing. I`m excited. Tomorrow will rock. I haven`t seen band people all weekend and I miss them.

Well, come bowling tonight and eat lunch with me tomorrow :::cough cough ROMAN cough cough:::
Roman, I want you to come eat with me because then you can meet my band director.
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Megan Mack
22 July 2005 @ 07:27 am
I`m kind of sad. Mrs C is moving to Indiana next Monday and I just found out last night. That`s all I have to say. Pray for her trip though.
Megan Mack
20 July 2005 @ 09:04 pm

Piercing = ears
tattoos = none
height= 5'3”
shoe size = 8.5
hair color = blonde
siblings = Sisters- Mandi and Jennifer, Brother- Patrick.

movie you rented = Timeline (Still have it, tee hee)
movie you bought = Phantom of the Opera?
song you listened to = False Starts- Nevertheless
song that was stuck in your head = Band show song
cd you bought = Phantom?
cd you listened to = From the Inside Looking In- Nevertheless
person that's called you = Mandi
TV show you watched = Something stupid on Vh1 during lunch break
person you were thinking of = People from band

ll DO... ll
you have a crush on some one? Yes
you wish you could live somewhere else? No
you think about suicide? No
you believe in online dating? Yes
others find you attractive? Yes
you want more piercing? No
you like cleaning? Yes
You like roller coasters? Yes
You write in cursive or print? Print

long distance relationships? For
suicide? Against
killing people? against
teenage smoking? I`ve never done it
driving drunk? Some people can control themselves
gay/lesbian relationships? Why not

ll HAVE YOU... ll
ever cried over a girl? She might`ve hurt my feelings
ever cried over a boy? I don`t know
ever been arrested? No

ll WHAT... ll
shampoo do you use? Dove
shoes do you wear? New Balances, Converse or Teva flip-flops
are you scared of spiders? Yes

ll NUMBER... ll
of times I have been in love? Too many times
of times I have had my heart broken? 3 times
of hearts I have broken? Two
of girls I have kissed? Zero
of boys I have kissed? One, ;)
scars on my body? Several
of things in my past that I regret? Several
of guys that have seen you naked? Well, my dad when I was little, duh
number of girls that have seen you naked? …

ll FAVORITE... ll
4 letter word: F***….just kidding. Psyc
actor/actress: Gerard Butler/Nicole Kidman
Candy: Snickers
Cartoon: South Park or some superhero one
Chewing gum: Orbit
Color(s): Blue, Orange, Pink (punk pink)
Day of week: Friday
Least fave day of week: Tuesday
Favorite jello: Orange
Trampolines or swimming pools: Pool, I`m a fish

|| Person who last.. ||
Slept in your bed: Me or Mandi
Saw you cry: I cried on the beach, I don`t know if anyone saw me.
Made you cry: People
Yelled at you: Section Leaders
Sent you an email: Denise Rodriguez

|| Have you ever.. ||
Said "I love you" and meant it?: Yes
Gone out in public in your pajamas: Yes
Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
Cried during a movie: Yes
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: I used to
Been to New York: Twice
Been to California: No
Hawaii: no
China: no
Canada: No
Europe: No
Asia: no
South America: nope
Australia: No
Wished you were the opposite sex: no
What time is it now? 8:56
Apples or bananas? Bananas, they keep your legs from hurting
Blue or red?: Go Blue!
Walmart or target?: Walmart is cheaper
Spring-fall?: Fall
What are you going to do after this? Either think of something to do or Guitar it
Are you bored? Somewhat
Last noise you heard? Guitar part
Last smell you sniffed? Air

|| Friendship/Love ||
Do you believe in love at first sight? Maybe
you want children one day, if so, how many?: Yes. Two maybe?
Boys name(s): Xander and Alexander (Lex)
Girls name(s): Apple
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Humor
you speak any other languages? Me hablo Espanol
some of your favorite things in your bedroom? Bed, TV, Ceiling Fan (SCORE!)
Worst feeling in the world: Not being liked by people you look up to
Who do you love: Friends and Family
Who you miss: Mrs H

Nicknames: Ruffles, Meg the Peg, Meg, Meggy
How old do you look?: 19
How old do you act? 21
Glasses/Contacts: Neither
Braces: yes
Do you have any pets?: I did
Do you get embarrassed? Yes
What makes you happy? Being respected
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