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07 August 2005 @ 03:10 pm
Money can`t buy me love...  
Yesterday the car wash was great. When I got there I held up signs by the road. I was screaming at cars. Several people flipped me and my friend off. Heh, it was really funny. Then Mallary and other people came for the afternoon part. It was fun. Jared Klien threw a cockroach on Mallary, heh. It was funny. Then I came home and later went to see Fantastic 4. I love that movie. I cried. I love superhero stuff, so...I will cry at like any Marvel movie. Today I went to church and it was very fun. I set up tables which was very interesting because they were like really heavy and I was confused about how many I was supposed to put out. In sunday school I played a song at the beginning and Mike changed the talk to be like my song...it was really cool. In the service I sat with Amy and we had fun. Tonight is Brian`s birthday dinner, so David`s coming. And...yeah. Mallary told me we should do something this week, but she doesn`t know what. So...yeah. I might be doing something with her this week. Anywho...PEACE OUT!
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