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05 August 2005 @ 09:38 pm
Summary of this summer  

This summer has been so rockin` awesome. I have definetly met some great people. I have also done different things, and also changed a whole lot. I`m going to make some tributes to people. By the way, I tried this earlier and I had like what all I`ve done all Summer and like A big huge paragraph of different things this Summer. Anywho, I`m just going straight to the tributes.



   Hey sissy. Thank you for alway being there for me. To talk to, yell at, tickle, punch, tackle, or anything else weird we do. No matter what changes go on in our family I hope we`ll always be there for each other. You have change so much in the past few years and it makes me smile when I think about how you used to like hate me, heh. Anyways. I love you.


  Hi Mallary. I know I`ve only known you for 3 weeks, but I think of you as a really good friend. I just thank you so much for being there to just simply yell, "Megan, are you alive?!" at me. You make me laugh so much. I also thank you for letting me go to lunch with you, Justin, and Brendan a whole lot. I know I`m rambling, but I`m making a point in most of this. I look up to you. You`re a really nice person to people, and no matter how annoying they might be or whatever, you still be kind. I could never do that, but you make me want to be nice to people. It`s kind of weird. I`m so happy you`re my friend and I really am going to miss you after band is over with this year. I have no idea what I`ll do. I know this is probably really weird of me, I just felt like telling you all of this. Love ya Mallary.


   Nellie my friend, you are one rockin` awesome girl. You suprise me so much. Someone from Knoxville that loves these people so much that she only sees maybe 2 times a year. Nellie I especially care for you twice as much as you do us in Chattavegas. I have a lot of funny memories in my life, but a lot of them are spent on the beach trip with you there. Without you...they wouldn`t be the same. I`m so glad I met you 2 years ago. I know we`ve all changed since then, and you have become such a great person. I love you Nellie, you have always been a friend.

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Nellieyonellie on August 6th, 2005 03:58 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks, your amazing megan. I love you just as much :-p
Megan Mackmackey_83091 on August 6th, 2005 07:21 pm (UTC)