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03 August 2005 @ 07:20 am
We are so far from you...  
This song rocks. Dang.

Anyways, I`m sad it`s almost the end of band camp. I`ll be happy to have my brain back though. It`s actually really sad because the seniors I have gotten to know, this is their last year and then they`ll be gone. Dang it.

Well, tonight TheJimmyLBand is performing. We`re basically playing all the stuff, just a few extra people involved, heh. I think Hannah`s coming...I dunno. If Ian comes he`ll have to sit by himself, which I don`t want him to do that, so I might see if he can come next Wednesday. Oh, and people from my section in band might come? I dunno. Mallary can`t come though, :(. Oh well, she can come sometime else. Welp, off to band camp suckas!
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Current Music: Helena- My Chemical Romance